how to sendmessage to the elements of web browser control 
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 how to sendmessage to the elements of web browser control

I am now writing a kiosk software by vb which have the internet browsing
capability. I put an web browser control on the form, and implemented few
buttons for browsing.The other features of this program is develop a
software keyboard to allow the user input the form on the web pages. The
software keyboard has some buttons on the same vb form with the browser
control .The user can browse any web pages on the internet, when he reach
pages with input form and click on a input text field, then he can click on
button of the vb form and i will send a
keybd_event to the web browser control to add a
character to that field. However, i encouter some problems,
any one can help?

1) the hWnd property of the web browser control is not function

2) i can send the keybd_event successfully by getting the handle of the
browser by looking up the value of Internet Explorer_Server class with
 spy tools and run the program in debug mode,
 is there any method to look up the handle value programmatically?

3) i found that if the web page contains frame, there will be mulitiple
Internet Explorer_Server will be found, how can i determined which frame
i want to send?

Thankx in advanced

Sat, 20 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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