Disable F1 context help via API? 
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 Disable F1 context help via API?

Does anyone here know how I can disable the F1 key for bringing up
What's This? context help on the current field in VB? (VB6 SP3) Is there
a way via API to do this?

I'm using What's This? help for the form so I have to have it turned on
at form level, but I want to use the F1 key solely to bring up the main
page of my help file, so I have it as the accelerator key for my main
help topic menu item. I have the "?" control for people to click on if
they want What's This? help for any field or control. I need to disable
the key for What's This? help so that I don't get a momentary flash of
the current field's context help text just before my main help page
comes up when a user presses F1, and even if I was using F12 or
something for my main help page, I'd still want to disable F1 from
bringing up context help, to force the user to use the "?" control only
for this. (You'd think that with F1 defined for a menu item VB would be
smart enough to disable it for the context help for fields, but VB is
not this smart).


Sun, 29 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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