Retrieving a Printer device name 
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 Retrieving a Printer device name


I am using the printer object in VB.
The return values of Printer.DeviceName and Printer.Port are different
in WIndows 95 from Windows NT.

For example:  When I say Printer.DeviceName in Window 95 environment,
it returns the logical name of the printer like "My printer", it does not
the printer path.

But when I say Printer.DeviceName in WIndows NT environment,
it does not return the logical name of printers, but it returns the printer
path like "\\servername\printer"

Anybody knows the reason why it is different?

Is there any alternative way to populate the printer devicename with
consistent result?

I will appreciate if anybody gets back to me at the  earliest.
Thanks in advance.

- Muru

Tue, 07 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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