Bar chart needs horizontal line (graph32.ocx) 
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 Bar chart needs horizontal line (graph32.ocx)

I am currently writing a graph producing application using the graph
control (vb 4.0 with graph32.ocx). I have to produced bar charts, but the
catch is that I need to draw a horizontal line across them. VB won't let me
do this!

Is there a way to use winapi to surpass this limitation?

(I have tried using the line object to superimpose a line over the graph,
at design time. This is fine except there are snags during runtime. The
graph 'moves' around depending on size etc. and therefore the axes
co-ordinates change constantly. There seems no way to determine what the
value of the coordinates are. And therefore, my line is constantly in the
wrong place. can winapi be used to find out where these co-ords are?)


Fri, 03 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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