Copying sized bitmaps again 
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 Copying sized bitmaps again

        I thought I'd try again as the previous queries didn't last long on the
I want to copy a bitmap to clipboard,size it and save it.

handle1 = pics1(1).Picture.handle
Debug.Print (handle1)
handle2 = copyimage(handle1, un1, 20000, 20000, un2)
Debug.Print (handle2)

The function is defined:
Private Declare Function copyimage& Lib "User32" Alias "CopyImage" (ByVal
handle As Long, ByVal _
un1 As Long, ByVal n1 As Long, ByVal n2 As Long, ByVal un2 As Long)

The copyimage function is from Appleman's Win32 API for VB5
I'm using pics(1) as a 256color bitmap.
Handle1 is a value greater than 0 bur handle2 is zero indicating the copy
did not work.
Am i using the handle correctly?
Can anybody get this copyimage function to work?

Tue, 15 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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