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 ListView - ItemClick-Event

Hi there,

I hope I selected the right groups. The following I do not really
understand: I have a ListView control - doesn't matter if multiselect set
to true or false.
You select an item (or more items), but then (using Ctrl-Key) dis-select
one or more of them, so that you have selected less than before.
I get an ItemClick-Event if I select one item, but if I click on an item
which IS currently selected, the event isn't called.
I tried to make it overe the click-event, but this one isn't called if
(dis)selecting by keyboard.
If you do an API-call to get easily the amount of currently selected items,
you get back the right number. Perhaps it's a little Bug in VB5 (SP3), or
anyone did think about that and though it should be like it is...!?!

Thanks for everyone who can help me!!

F. Schmitt

Sat, 13 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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