Print Preview not using any office application ? 
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 Print Preview not using any office application ?

For simple text file print previews I use Wordpad (almost certain it will
be on any Win95 system, unless the user specifically renames or removes
it).  For safety, shell using "write.exe", this will assure backwards
compatibility with Win 3.x systems.  For win95 there is a tiny write.exe
which immediately shells to Wordpad.

code fragment:

dim pid as long

pid = shell("write.exe c:\testfile.txt",3)

> I would like to implement a print preview option like the one in MS Word
> but without having to rely on the end user having any other app installed
> like Office or SmartSuite ?

> Any ideas ?

> Thanks In advance
> Ian Lilleby

Wed, 13 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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