A Winsock Question and a Audio CD Question 
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 A Winsock Question and a Audio CD Question

Two quick questions guys/gals.
I'm trying to use the MS Winsock control to Download email from a POP3
server (saved in INI/registry), and send Email from a SMTP server (saved
in same place).
I have no idea number one, how to read/write INI/Registry from VB, and
second how to connect to the appropriate server!!! If any of you VB
gurus out there could help please... Please send replys to this question

I'm need to be able to "download" tracks off an audio CD. So that they
can be read from a hard drive. I have a friend that owns a CD, but his
CD-Rom isn't reading audio CDs. Is there any way that this could be

Thanks to all in advance. Hope you can help.

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Sun, 17 Aug 2003 09:15:55 GMT  
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