Get items from Listview sorted with API:s in sorted order 
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 Get items from Listview sorted with API:s in sorted order


I have used API:s to sort a listview according to numeric values and not the
string values. (This is a common method described at several VB-sites like

My problem is that i need to retrieve thoose values, to print a report with
the contents of the listview, in the sorted order. You can't get the values
from the ListItems collection since the API-method only sort the items
visually (or something like that). So I tried to retrieve them through the
same API:s used to sort the items, but I still get them in the same order as
they were added to the ListView...

Anyone knows how to get the listitems in the sorted order?

' This is how I tried to get the ListItems values with API:s
' and it works, i just don't get them in the sorted order...

Public Function GetListviewItem(ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal lngColumn As Long,
ByVal lngRow As Long) As String
   Dim hIndex As Long
   Dim r As Long

  'Convert the input parameter to an index in the list view
   objFind.flags = LVFI_PARAM
   objFind.lParam = lngRow
   hIndex = SendMessage(hWnd, LVM_FINDITEM, -1, objFind)

  'Obtain the value of the specified list view item.
  'The objItem.iSubItem member is set to the index
  'of the column that is being retrieved.
   objItem.mask = LVIF_TEXT
   objItem.iSubItem = lngColumn
   objItem.pszText = Space$(32)
   objItem.cchTextMax = Len(objItem.pszText)

   r = SendMessage(hWnd, LVM_GETITEMTEXT, hIndex, objItem)
   If r > 0 Then
       GetListviewItem = Left$(objItem.pszText, r)
   End If

End Function

Per Hultqvist, Hogia Ekonomi AB
MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional

Mon, 28 Jul 2003 20:53:46 GMT  
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