Resizing a window with size restrictions 
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 Resizing a window with size restrictions


VB Newbie here.
This may or may not be winapi related (maybe the answer is to use api), but
in any case... I'm sure this is a semi-frequently asked question.
In my  Resize sub I can restrict the size of my window (limit the width and
height)... but I'm not sure what I'd have to do to tell Windows to stop
drawing the sizing outline when these limits are met.  E.g., the user can
still drag the outline around, passing these limits... in effect giving the
user the idea that the window could be made larger or smaller regardless of
the limits. This looks really {*filter*} under NT 4 with the "drag window
contents" option selected.

Any tips or pointers?


PalmQuest Software, Inc.

Mon, 15 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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