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 Printer API - code inside

I need some help with setting the orientation, dpi and paper size for a new
printer i created:

    aPrinterInfo.pPrinterName = "XXX"
    aPrinterInfo.pPortName = "FILE:"
    aPrinterInfo.pDriverName = "AdobePS Acrobat Distiller"
    aPrinterInfo.pPrintProcessor = "WinPrint"

    ReDim pPrinterInfo(1 To Len(aPrinterInfo))
    CopyMemory pPrinterInfo(1), aPrinterInfo, Len(aPrinterInfo)

    hPrinter = AddPrinter(vbNullString, 2, pPrinterInfo(1))
'*** Everything up to here works
    If hPrinter <> 0 Then
        retval = DocumentProperties(Me.hwnd, hPrinter, "XXX", 0&, 0&, 0)
        ReDim pDevMode(1 To retval)
        retval = DocumentProperties(Me.hwnd, hPrinter, "XXX", pDevMode(1),
        ' Fill the DevMode type
        Call CopyMemory(aDevMode, pDevMode(1), Len(aDevMode))

        ' Change the settings
        aDevMode.dmPaperSize = DMPAPER_11X17
        aDevMode.dmOrientation = 2
        aDevMode.dmYResolution = 300

        ' Copy the new settings to the ptr
        Call CopyMemory(pDevMode(1), aDevMode, Len(aDevMode))

        ' Call docprop again to get the new settings into the system
        retval = DocumentProperties(Me.hwnd, hPrinter, "XXX", pDevMode(1),
pDevMode(1), _
              DM_IN_BUFFER Or DM_OUT_BUFFER)
        ClosePrinter hPrinter
        MsgBox "error creating printer"
    End If

When i view the details of the new printer none of the new settings are
I have tried:
        aDevMode.dmFields = aDevMode or DM_ORIENTATION Or DM_PAPERSIZE Or

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Tim H

Fri, 18 Apr 2003 23:55:39 GMT  
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