Getting modem serial port 
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 Getting modem serial port

Hi ppl.
In my aplication i want that the user selects a modem to use in a direct
connection to a remote computer. Im using an ocx that works directly with
serial port. Im using RAS API to display all available modems. After the
user select a modem i need to know the serial port in that the modem is
I get all properties of the modem using RAS API "RasGetEntryProperties" but
there is no serial port property available. Is there a way to find the port
number using RAS device name? What else can i do ?

Ive seen TotalEnvironment page but didnt seen anything about this. Can
anyone help me?

Thanks for any answer,
    Nelson Russa

Mon, 07 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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