Help: Wait for shelled process to end 
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 Help: Wait for shelled process to end

I followed the intruction from microsoft's knowledge base article:

   How a 32-bit App can determine when a shelled process ends.

It talks about using the API Calls CreateProcessA() and

It works fine if I use the next code to call it (see sample knowledge

  ExecCmd "notepad.exe"
  MsgBox "Process Finished"

but with the next code it won't work

  me.windowstate = 1 'minimize calling application
  ExecCmd "notepad"
  me.windowstate = 2 'maximize calling application

What I want is that the application that shells to another application
remains minimized until the shelled process ends, without the need of
putting a message box in between.

Any help would be appreciated,


Sat, 14 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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