enumerate registry entries using win32api registry functions 
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 enumerate registry entries using win32api registry functions

does anyone have any code or references to code to enumerate registry
i am developing a tool that places an icon on the desktop.
the icon's context menu is a list of USER definable *frequently* used drives
and/or folders.

the icon's context menu is built out of the *example* registry entries
i created two subkeys in \HKCR.
   1.) .DMU       contains a reference to the other created subkey named
                                (Default)          "DMUFile"

   2.) DMUFile    containing subkeys which are the above-mentioned drives
and folders.
       |                        (Default)          "DriveMenu Context File"
       +- Shell
          |                     (Default)          ""   <- this will be the
default action for
          |                                                a double-click or
the enter key
          +- A:
          |  |                  (Default)          ""
          |  |                  EditFlags          01 00 00 00
          |  |
          |  + Command          (Default)          "Explorer.exe A:"
          +- B:
          |  |                  (Default)          ""
          |  |                  EditFlags          01 00 00 00
          |  |
          |  + Command          (Default)          "Explorer.exe B:"
          +- C:\Program Files\VB5
          |  |                  (Default)          ""
          |  |                  EditFlags          01 00 00 00
          |  |
          |  + Command          (Default)          "Explorer.exe
/Root,C:\Program Files\VB5"

i have no problem writing the registry entries (big news,) however, i cannot
read the entries into a nice structure, array or list. i can brute force it,
but that would kill flexibility.
i need to read the entries so that when the tool is customized, existing
entries will be displayed and be valid.
i need to be able to enumerate the \HKCR\DMUFile\Shell subkey into subkeys,
entries and values. i have tried a 3d array, oops!

Visual Basic 5 and Windows 95 (OSR2) / 98


Sat, 18 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 enumerate registry entries using win32api registry functions

Raymond L. King replied to me directly. i thought that someone else might
benefit from this..


Get Steve's cRegistry Class Module it does it all! print out the page its on
because he shows you how to use it...

Sun, 19 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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