Passing by reference through ATL? 
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 Passing by reference through ATL?

Learning ATL:
I have a ATL method that I need to pass back a string.  So I would like to
do it by reference.
HRESULT xx::getString( BSTR sValue, long nValue )
  if( nValue == 0 )
      sValue = "Return 0 for false";
      sValue = "Return as true";
      return S_OK;


I know how I'm handling and returning string back to VB wrong as the code
shown above.

In VB i would do the following:

Dim sValue as String
   Call oTest.getString( sValue, 1 )
   MsgBox "This is the solutin: " & sValue

If someone can help me in the ATL C++ section on how to handle return by


Tue, 22 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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