Shutdown windows95 in VB? 
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 Shutdown windows95 in VB?

in your form event:

Call ExitWindows(0, EWX_SHUTDOWN)

in your module:

 Declare Function ExitWindows Lib "User32" _
                             Alias "ExitWindowsEx" (ByVal _
                             dwOptions As Long, _
                             ByVal dwReserved As Long) As Long

 Public Const EWX_LOGOFF = 0
 Public Const EWX_SHUTDOWN = 1
 Public Const EWX_REBOOT = 2
 Public Const EWX_FORCE = 4

Don't quote me on this but it works on NT.

    Use the API ExitWindowsEx with the arguments 4, 0

        Does anyone know the API to shutdown Windows95  in VB?
        Thanks for any remarks!!


Sat, 30 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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