Delete subclass message, possible? 
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 Delete subclass message, possible?

 I would like to delete a message received while sub classing. Is it
possible and if so... how?

 Why? I have a very special situation. I'm using a treeview component for
use on the web (ActiveX-Component (dll)). This component uses sub classing
to trigger events such as Click, NodeClick etc. In the HTML page where the
component is embedded a JavaScript reacts on the (right)NodeClick event and
fires up an alert (JavaScript's MsgBox). When the alert dialog is closed
Internet Explorer also receives the same WM_NOTIFY/NM_RCLICK message as my
component and thus showing it's right menu as well. This because the mouse
cursor at this point is above IE outside the component. That is why I need
to prevent IE to receive the message.

Any help appreciated,
H?kan Wennerberg

Sat, 15 Nov 2003 18:48:45 GMT  
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