Clicking on a form, the whole form, and nothing but the form 
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 Clicking on a form, the whole form, and nothing but the form


> I have a form with several labels and 1 shape on it.  I want to
> trigger the
> From_Dblclick event whenever I double-click on any part of the form.
> As it
> stands now,  Form_Dblclick is only executed when I double-click on a
> part
> of the form that does not have a control on it -- a clear spot.

> Is there a way to have the Form_Dblclick event triggered even though I
> am
> pointing to a control on the form, rather than a clear spot on the
> form?  I
> could go the easy route and define all the label double-click events
> to
> call the Form_Dblclick event.  Is this the answer, or is there a way
> with
> more finesse?

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You could create a label, at the front of the Z-Order. Backstyle set to
transparent. Resize it as the form resizes to cover the form's client
area. Catch the double click even for that one label.

Well, you said more finesse, you didn't say appreciably more finesse.

Hope that helped.

N Varacalli
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