Hardware-Access + Interrupt-Handling in Win32 
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 Hardware-Access + Interrupt-Handling in Win32

Hallo, I'm a newbie in newsreading, therefore sorry if my questions
are too stupid to ask here or if i choose the wrong newsgroup or my
English is not so good (i'm from germany)

I want to update my developed software-sources in C (Compiler: borland
c/c++ v5.02)  from win16 (runnining under WfW3.11 in the past and
Win95/98 now) to win32 (running under Win98 or WinNT 4.0 now and
Win2000 in future) .

 I have created many (low-level hardware near) 16-Bit-DLLs
1.  that make Port-Access via "outportb" ,"inportb" to specialized
hardware (AD-, DA-Converters etc) and
2.  that use Interrupt-mechanism with interrup-service-routines
installed with "getvec (...)" and "setvec (...) to get
real-time-processing under Win16. hereby the 16-Bit-DLLs  access
directly (via inportb, outportb) the interrupt-controller 8259  of the
and the hardware-timers 8254 of the pc and different hardware-cards to
get ?quidistant Interrupts to realize real-time-processed closed loop
control mechanism)
These (low level) 16-Bit-DLL's will be accessed by Visual Basic (v4.0
16 Bit) or other (high-level) 16-Bit-DLL's to put Information in or
get Information out of the specialised hardware and their DLL's
These DLLs and programms work well in the Win16-World (under Win95)

In future i will transform these (high-level) 16-Bit-DLLs to
32-Bit-DLLs (with vc6.0 or borland c++ builder 4) and the overlying
VB4.0(16-Bit)-programms to VB6.0 for Win32 (Win95/98, WinNT 4 now,
Win2000 in future)

Who can give me information about tools to get my (low-level) DLL's to
Win32  without learnig to develop low-level VxD-Drivers (Win95),
SYS-Drivers (NT4.0) or  WDM-Drivers (Win98/Win2000) with the
aqiuvalent MS DDK . I search for tools similar to the WinRT/WinDK
(from Blue Water Systems), but more cheaper (freeware or shareware)

Please postme on newsgroup or mail me to :


Lothar Zunker (from germany)

Mon, 08 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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