DialogBar Imitation Problem 
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 DialogBar Imitation Problem

I am using VB 4/32. I am trying to imitate the CDialogBar class (from MFC)
in my VB program. I have a MDI child that fits on the left side of the
screen, has no border, and resizes itself with the MDI window. The problem
that I have, is when another MDI child is minimized, it disappears behind
the Dialog Bar MDI child. Also, when another child is maximized it takes up
the entire MDI window. I would like to reduce the client area of the MDI
form to not include the Dialog Bar child so that when windows are maximized
and minimized they only use what is left of the MDI window, not including
the Dialog Bar child. Can anyone help?

Thu, 05 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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