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Microsoft Internet Control has an activex control that gives me FTP
capabilities easily.

Are there any library references to this control that I can use to include
as a reference instead of a component so that I don't have to use a form in
my code?


Fri, 21 Nov 2003 14:02:58 GMT  
 Microsoft Internet Controls
You can reference WINNT\system32\MSINET.OCX

Sample code segment:

Dim m_URL As String

Public Event DataArrived(ByVal Data As String)

Public Property Get URL() As String
    URL = m_URL
End Property

Public Property Let URL(ByVal sNewURL As String)
    m_URL = sNewURL
End Property

Public Sub Connect()
    Set m_ITC = New InetCtlsObjects.Inet
    m_ITC.URL = m_URL
End Sub

Public Sub Disconnect()
    Set m_ITC = Nothing

End Sub

Private Sub m_ITC_StateChanged(ByVal State As Integer)

   Select Case State
   ' ... Other cases not shown.

   Case icResponseCompleted ' 12
      Dim vtData As Variant ' Data variable.
      Dim strData As String: strData = ""
      Dim bDone As Boolean: bDone = False

      ' Get first chunk.
      vtData = m_ITC.GetChunk(1024, icString)
      Do While Not bDone
         strData = strData & vtData
         ' Get next chunk.
         vtData = m_ITC.GetChunk(1024, icString)
         If Len(vtData) = 0 Then
            bDone = True
         End If

      RaiseEvent DataArrived(strData)
   End Select

End Sub


Fri, 21 Nov 2003 15:49:48 GMT  
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