How can I pass parameter field in VB6 to crystal report?******* 
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 How can I pass parameter field in VB6 to crystal report?*******

      .ParameterFields(0) = "ParameterName;32;True"

Replace ParameterName with the name of the parameter in your report file.

The True will ensure that the user is not prompted for parameter input.


> hi

> I have parameter field in my Crystal Report but
> when I wrote the following code in VB6 an error
> occured "invalid parameter field name"

> Private Sub cmdp_Click()
> With CrystalReport1
>       .ReportFileName = "h:\foxpro_sqlserver\receive by product stk.rpt"
>       .ReportTitle = " SALE "
>       .ParameterFields(0) = "32"
>       .Action = 1
> End With
> End Sub

> How can i pass it ?
> Thanks.

Sat, 08 May 2004 01:16:08 GMT  
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