Chicagoland Visual Basic Opportunites 
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 Chicagoland Visual Basic Opportunites

Empowered Software Solutions (ESS)  is looking for Developers...

First off sorry no sub-contracts or telecomuters our clients require our
developers to be onsite (Were working to allow people to work from home)

Skills needed are as follows:

Excellent VB skills a must...Working knowledge of VB5 a plus...
Excellent SQL skills a must
Excellent Communication skills (why do we ask for communication skills, we
stress that we consult not just contract program. To consult you must be
able to communicate ideas effectively to the client.)

Benefits of ESS:

You will be paid 75% of the billing rate (As a W2 Hourly Employee not a
1099, we pay the employer taxes)

Group Benefits Plan
    401K, Health, Long Term Disability

Group Outings

Assistance with Microsoft Certification

Membership in the Visual Basic Developers Network

Bonus plans...
    Employee referral bonus 2% of what your referral bills out each month as
long as you both are employees
    Example: You refer someone who bills out at $75.00 per hour and works
160 hours = $12,000 your bonus for the month is .02*12000 = $240.00 in a
year this adds up to $2880.00

We are looking for consultants to fill a number of clients...

Sample rates:
Company Billing $100.00 per hour your rate is $100*75% = $75.00.

Our current rates range from $100.00 to $55.00 Per hour.  Of course this all
depends on your skill level and years of experience.

Keith Franklin
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

Empowered Software Solutions
Microsoft Solution Provider
Microsoft SiteBuilder
(888) 2-EMPOWR

Tue, 15 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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