RTF Read Line before user exits line. 
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 RTF Read Line before user exits line.

Q. RTF Read Line before user exits line.

I have a RichTextBox Control placed on my form.
I would like to read and send the text of the current line into a string
before the user leaves this line.
Either by the enter key, mouse, or arrow keys.

I am typing this on one line
and once I leave the above line, my string should be equal to
"I am typing this on one line".


For the purpose of forfilling this question,
the string that has just been read has been processed by one of functions
and must replace the text where I have read it.

All when leaving the current line.

Thats read the current line before leaving it
(Enter, Mouse, Arrow Keys) and send it to a string.
String gets processed then old line gets replaced by the processed one.

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