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 SendKeys "{TAB}"

Another method of having the enter key simulate the tab key is to place a
command button with the Default property set to True on the form, located at
some position so that it is not physically visible (Hide it behind another
control, or place it at Left = 25000, or something similar). Then just enter
the click code of this command button to change the focus.


> I am using the following code to simulate the tab key when a user depresses
> the enter key.  It tabs to the next control okay but my Num Lock and Caps
> Lock keys flash off and on if I have them on.  Anybody know how to prevent
> this?

> Thanks,

> Reid

> Private Sub Text1_KeyDown(Index As Integer, KeyCode As Integer, Shift As
> Integer)
> If KeyCode = vbKeyReturn Then SendKeys "{TAB}"

> End Sub

Wed, 16 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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