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Bill -
     What you're doing is a big undertaking, and considering that there
are any number of $50 concordance programs (see Parsons Technology)
that already do this I'd question the utility, except as a learning
experience.  The general problem is "full text indexing" and products
like Magellan are built to do just this.

     This is just straight slogging, with some opportunity for
compression to save space.  You need to first extract all the words,
excluding "junk" words like "a an the thou" etc.  Then open each book,
scanning for each word or word root.  Your index would include the book
(file), line, and offset.  No magic here, just hard work.  Once the
index is built, it would be very fast to display instances.

                -- Jim


> I'm trying to write a program that will allow me to access any verse
> from the Bible and to find any word in any of the verses that are
> specified.  I thought of puting the verse as the index in a Access DB
> and pull it up that way.  But to find the words in the verse (I guess
> memo fields) would be slow  in search from beginning to end  of the
> Bible.  What do you believe would be the fastest way to pull up the
> verses and find the word(s)??

Fri, 17 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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