Always On Top Problem 
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 Always On Top Problem

I may not remember win3.1 that well anymore but didn't the 3.1 help engine
have its own AOT feature?

> Hi all-
>   Earlier I posted a message about how using SetWindowPos to keep a form
> always on top will fail after the user hits F1 to bring up the Windows
> help form.  Well, that only happens in the environment! (I'm using VB4/16
> Pro in Windows 3.1).  There is another problem though when used in the
> .EXE - the help form is stuck behind my form that used SetWindowPos.  Boy
> that can anger users!  Is there a way to make the Windows help form
> always on top or is there some other way around this problem?  Thanks and
> feel free to email me any suggestions!

>                                      Brad Stone

Mon, 12 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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