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 Control Collection

There are still two questions I want to get your help.

I need a collection of controls, which the collection itself is set of
control define at run-time, Such as: there are one commandbutton, two
labels and one textbox in one set which provide the information to the
user, and when the user want to change, he can simply press the button,
so, to change the value of rest of the column, here is the text for
textbox, caption for labels. I used the way you tell me to build a set
of control, but I stack in how to make the button, label and textbox for
each row in our database as a collection, I looked up for the control
collection, but quite confuse.

Another question is :  In our system, the VB call a vc++ program, we
need a return value of the program to show on the UI, it is just bool,
is there a efficient way to get it, instead of I send the result of the
VC++ to a text, then as VB to read it.

thanks in advance


Sat, 06 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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