Referencing Outlook 2k Task User Defined Fields 
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 Referencing Outlook 2k Task User Defined Fields

Greetings all, first time posting here and I hope I chose
the correct group.  I am working on a small Visual Basic
app that will take some information and at the click of a
button, launch a custom pre-made Outlook 2000 task and
populate the fields with information.  I can open up the
task I want and I can populate the default sections such
as subject with NewTask.subject = "test".  But what I
cannot do is reference or populate fields that have been
designed by the user.  For example, the task has been
modified to have an extra tab entitled More Info.  On this
tab, there are about 20 fields, things like Company Name,
Phone Number etc.  I have been looking everywhere on how
to reference these user made fields and to populate them
with data from the VB file.  I am using VB 6 and would
appreciate anyone's help on this matter.  I am sure I am
missing something simple but once I learn how to populate
one of the fields, I can get the rest, its just how to
access those user defined fields.  I have already tried
things like NewTask.companyname, errors our things like


Tue, 01 Jun 2004 22:49:37 GMT  
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