Urgent! Need Help in VB5 animation using sprite 
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 Urgent! Need Help in VB5 animation using sprite

I'm guessing, but perhaps the Sprite OCX was created in a previous version
of VB. Check your version of VB as well. Otherwise, check with the
component's author. I've registerd components and controls many, many times
and haven't run into the inconsistencies you're having, although I've seen
the error messages.

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>I have bought the book "Animation Magic with VB 5" written by Nik Leyer.

>I have run the setup program in the "Animation" CD attached with the
>book.  Bu t i coudln't use the Sprite Control during design time as well

>as i cannot run the program which i have created last time.  ( I have
>installed the same setup program before, it works well, until don't know

>what has happend that the probelm occur).

>The error message shown during i try to insert the Sprite control is:

>   " DLL for class not found. Looking for object with CLSID:

>And when i try to register the "sprite.ocx" the error message

>    " LoadLibraryError ("sprite.ocx") failed
>      GetLastError returns 0x00000485"

>Please help me as i need to present the working games program next month

>!!! Help! Thank You!

Mon, 02 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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