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 Lines & circles

Hello everyone,

In a small program, I put a BMP image into a picture box then in my code
I draw some lines and circles
over the image using the line and circle method.  I then send the
picture box to the printer, using the code below.
The picture is printed fine, but all the lines and circles are not being
printed. I also tried to put some lines
on the same picture, using  the line control instead of the line
method... just for a test, and came up with
the same problem!

Printer.PaintPicture ECRAN.Picture, 0, 0, , , ECRAN.X0, ECRAN.Y0

Is it possible to print thoose lines as if they were part of the
original image.... if yes how can do it?

Many thanks...

Thu, 16 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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