REG files don't merge TAB and carriage returns 
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 REG files don't merge TAB and carriage returns

Hi gang,

I just noticed something odd. I've got a VB program that encrypts
some strings of text and then stores it in the registry. The program
can also create a REG file (which is really just ASCII text) with an
export of the encrypted information. I'm using an encryption DLL
called WinDES, so I'm not doing it manually and have no control
over how the strings are encrypted. In some cases, the encrypted
strings contain control characters like TAB or carriage returns.

If I right click on the REG file my program generates and select
Merge, the data is correctly merged EXCEPT the keys that have
the control characters in them. Even manually starting the
Regedit program and selecting import doesn't work. Oddly, if I
update the registry key from VB, it works without a problem...
control characters and all. If I do an export from Regedit after
placing a key in the registry with control characters using the
VB program, even it doesn't export the key correctly.

Any Win95 guru's know how to merge a REG file correctly
into the registry that contains control characters like TAB and
carriage returns?

 - Dave

Sun, 17 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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