VB4/16 Sound problem 
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 VB4/16 Sound problem

THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP!!!!  (and do I need it!)

Here's my need:

I need to play .WAV files from my application.  Simple enough right?

Here's the problem:

;       I'm using VB4 (16 bit) to produce the application.
;       The application must run on both Win 3.x and Win95.
;       I'm developing on a Win95 PC.

I can use Fn(sndPlaySound)/WINMM.DLL for Win95 users and will do a
conditional compile if necessary for that.  But Win 3.x users are a
problem.  Can't find any docs for 16bit .WAV sound in VB4!  MMSYSTEM.DLL
is not supported as far as I can find and good old MESSAGEBEEP/USER.EXE
isn't either.  

I'd like to use the same DLL for both platforms but fear that is not

Any tips on where I can find docs to help (been through KB, manuals), or
suggestions where to start?  

signed - 'this is probably easy, I'm just as probably dense' - Joe.

"I was gratified to answer promptly, I said I don't know."  - Mark Twain

Wed, 15 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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