VB4 Applications using Dial-up Adapters... 
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 VB4 Applications using Dial-up Adapters...

I am looking to develop a simple application to access information from
multiple locations using Dial-up adapters.

I plan to have one shared access database in one location and have access
to another location via Dial-up.  The idea is to develop the application so
both location machines are running it and accessing the centralized
database.  These machines in the different locations are not connected to a
network (LAN or WAN) but only through dial-up.  

Is this possible?  Where do I begin?  What if any custom controls will I
need?  Any ideas?  I would like to develop this ASAP in a very simplistic

Thanks for the help in advance.


Thu, 11 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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