Creating "Copies" of objects 
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 Creating "Copies" of objects

OK... there most certainly has to be a way to do this.

I am trying to create a copy of an object.

Here's a simplistic example.

If have a class called "Emp" which has
Public Name As String
Public Address As String

Here's the code I want to do.

Dim emp1 As New Emp
Dim emp2 As New Emp

emp1.Name = "Brian"
emp1.Address = "555 Elm St."

emp2 = emp1
emp1.Name = "Bill"
emp1.Address = "444 Elm St."

Msgbox emp2.Name & " " & emp2.Address     'Says Brian 555 Elm St.
Msgbox emp1.Name & " " & emp1.Address     'Says Bill 444 Elm St.

This is the part that I can't figure out.  How do I use an assignment
operator to copy the values of the other object.  I *DO NOT* want a
reference to the other object.  After making the copy, if object1 changes I
*DON'T* want those changes reflected in object2 and vice versa.

I guess what I'm asking is there a way to assign whole objects properties,
the same way you do with user-defined types???

Any and all help is appreciated.

Brian Orrell
Dallas, TX

fax: 214.522.1927

Tue, 13 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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