HELP:can't register OLE Automation object in NT 
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 HELP:can't register OLE Automation object in NT

I've written an automation object in VB5 that works great as long as I
run it from within VB. However, when I make an executable and installs
it on my computer (running NT4) it doesn't get registered! I've even
tried with regsvr32 and it tells me that it succeded but I still cant do
a CreateObject from my other VB program or from ASP to it. I can't see
it in RemAuto Connection manager either...

What's wrong? I've got it to work with another COM in win98, is it
something to do with NT? Do I have to move to VC++5?

PLease help me since I've got a deadline to meet....(huga!)


Sun, 20 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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