Assigning contents of string to user-defined type 
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 Assigning contents of string to user-defined type

I am using a third-party control (ASocket from Mabry) to receive data
in a connected socket.  The control gives me the data as a string.  I
would like to take this string and copy it into a user-defined type
"as is".

So, if I had

MyData as UserType
t as String

t = ASocket.ReceiveBuffer    ' the third-party control
MyData = t                               ' what I would like to do

This, of course, doesn't work - I get a type conversion error, since
they are by no means the same type.

I'm trying to do something that in C would be done with:

memcpy (&MyData, t, sizeof (MyData));

I don't want VB to interpret it as a string;  I just want to copy it
"as is".  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Steve Boyko
NB Power

Sat, 28 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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