SQL Server & Row Bookmarking 
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 SQL Server & Row Bookmarking

I am translating my application for use with SQL Server 6.5, and I have a
problem with bookmarking.  I am opening two recordsets, transferring data
one row at a time.  I need to save a bookmark for the row and capture the
Identity column (to pull a date from another table) of the row last
modified.  I am using the code below, and btw, this process worked fine when
running against Access.  The error I am getting is 'Invalid Procedure' on
the bookmark method.

Call Admn_OpenRecordset(Admn_Database, rsPsaposit, "psaposit")
    If rsPsaposit.BOF = False Then
        Call Admn_OpenRecordset(Admn_Database, rsPSA_POSITION,
        Call Admn_OpenRecordset(Admn_Database, rsPSA_POSITION_DATE,


        Do Until rsPsaposit.EOF

                    Call mapPSA_POSITION(rsPsaposit, rsPSA_POSITION)

            rsPSA_POSITION.BookMark = rsPSA_POSITION.LastModified

            glbAPosKey = rsPSA_POSITION.Fields!APosKey

Any help would be appreciated........Thanks.

Sun, 07 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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