Problems with Drag/Drop and Zooming 
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 Problems with Drag/Drop and Zooming

Hi I have run into this problem and hope someone can help me.

I have to import an ASCII text file from a host system. The file is a
print file that is captured.

It would contain some text that normally would printed directly to a
printer. The program I am making is a client system, where the user
would have A) The original text file on the left side of the screen
and B) a preview page on the right hand side of the screen.

Now using drag and drop I would like to place the text from the left
side on a different position on the right hand side. So eg. the text
"invoice" is moved from row 3 col 19, 15 chars. long to pos. row 9
col. 15.

Now the problem I ran into is getting the actual properties (row,col)
from the field I want to relocate, write it into a file where the
measurement changes from row,col to milimeter.

When the area has been moved from the left side, the user should be
able to zoon on this, as well on the text page on the left hand side.
not simultainously though. but during the zoom on the right hand side,
the user should still be able to edit the page (move the field(s) and
change fonts.

Further more there may be a BMP image presented on the right hand
page, and when zooming everything should zoom accordingly (ans the
user still should still be able to edit)

I some of you guys out there can come up with an idea, pls reply to
this mail


Mon, 14 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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