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 Send Thousand of Newsgroup Posts

Mailloop is an Industrial Bulk Email and Newsgroup Broadcasting Program.

Visit http://www.*-*-*.com/ for More info.

Here is just some of the many hunreds of Mailloops Features:

Send Bulk Email to Thousands of People an hour-

Send Bulk Broadcasts to the Newsgroups with an Anti-Cancel Bot Feature-

Send Binaries to the Newsgroups in Bulk-

Process your incoming Mailbox -

Build E-Mail and Newsgroup Lists From:

Extracting from the Newsgroups-

Extracting from a Whois-

By processing your incoming Mailbox-

By using the finger Client (You can finger a domain and extract all of the email addresses)-

Extracting From a Import File-

Extract from a Web Page-

Extract from an FTP Site-

And Many Many More.  

If you interested in these and many other features that Mailloop has to offer, or to obtain a copy,

Visit Our Web Site:


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