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 ToolBook to Visual Basic translation

Some help would really be appreciated. I've been using ToolBook exclusively
for 6 plus years and am now trying to do a project in VB 5.0. I know there
are some people out there who are fluent in both languages and hopefully be
able to help me out with some syntax. I've checked out the Visual Basic
terms section in OpenScript help, but could really use a simple example to
get me started.

I have a loop in Openscript that populates one array, "hashTable", with the
textLines of a local variable and another array, "CDMArray", with a random
selection of a list.

to handle CDM
        local CDMArray[][]
        local hashTable[]

        dummVals = "A+B+","C" &CRLF&\
                   "D+E+","F" &CRLF&\
                   "F+C+","A" &CRLF&\
        fill hashTable with dummVals in [textLine] order
        fillVar = "A,B,C,D,E,F,"
        N = 3
        M = dimensions(hashTable)

        step i from 1 to N
                step j from 1 to N
                        CDMArray[i][j] = item random(itemCount(fillVar)) of fillVar
                        put CDMArray[i][j] & CRLF after text of field "foo"
                end step --j
        end step --i
-- other stuff follows

Thanks for your help.

Jim Johnson
In Silico Technologies, Inc.
The Leader in Virtual Biotechnology

Sun, 31 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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