HELP: MS-Office toolbars and VB applications 
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 HELP: MS-Office toolbars and VB applications

I've created an application using VB 3.0 Professional and I've installed
it on my computer (running Win 3.11).  I've placed the icon on the MS
Office toolbar at the top right of the screen.  While running the program
I have to switch between it and another application, which I usually do
by clicking the toolbar buttons.

The problem is that once both programs are open, when I click on the
toolbar to get to my program another copy is opened.  Sometimes I simply
can't get back into my program by clicking on the icon on the toolbar.

Is there some line of code I should be adding to my program that would
prevent another copy of it from being opened while one copy is already


Mon, 22 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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