Easy for you...I am lost! 
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 Easy for you...I am lost!

Thanks very much.  You have made my life a little easier.  If you need
anything, let me know.


> There are several ways to do global level variables:

> 1) Create a standard module (.bas) and define a variable as Public.
> ie.
> Public iSomething as Integer

> 2) Create a class module (.cls) and define a variable using Private
> and
> then Public Propery procedures. Then you can use this class from any
> formj.

> 3) Define the variable in the MDI parent as Public (or as Private with

> Public Property procedures). You then must reference it with the form
> name
> and the property name.

> Example:
> In MDI parent (called mdiParent)
> Private m_sStatus as String
> Public Property Get Status( ) as string
>    Status = m_sStatus
> End Property
> Public Property Let Status(str as string)
>    m_sStatus = str
> End Property

> Then in any child form:

> mdiParent.Status = "Done"

> Good luck!
> --
> Deborah Kurata
> Microsoft MVP - VB
> InStep Technologies
> www.insteptech.com

> > In my lack of sense, I have forgotten how to set global level
> variables
> > that can be accessed from any form (I am running VB5 and the app has
> an
> > MDI parent with several children...)

> > Second question, same app.  How do I tell what the current record
> > selected is in a DBgrid?  Is it the record on the Data Control?  I
> think
> > I have this one, but a one line answer to this would be great, just
> in
> > case, as an addendum to your answers to # 1.  Thanks in advance.

> > Cameron Mathews

Cameron Mathews, Senior Partner
Design Team Chair
MFS Internet Design Teams/Software Development Group


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Fri, 21 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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