Problems w/handling HRESULT returned from a DLL 
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 Problems w/handling HRESULT returned from a DLL

Can anyone explain how the HRESULT can be handled in VB 5 returning from
a DLL?  I am getting a number that probably represents a layout of
a HRESULT but I do not know how to "decode" it.

I know that HRESULT is a 32 bit return value that must be "decoded".

If I just use Boolean, its always true (since its greater than 0).
If i use integer I see 28160  (ie 00010111 00000000) when it should be true.
                                  28161  (IE 00010111 00000001)  when it
should be false.
I can fake the system by subtracting the result from 28160. This causes TRUE
(0) and
FALSE (-1) when it should, but am I just fooling myself?

if i use long, results are unpredictable.

PS. I have no source code for this DLL,  but is used successfully from

Any ideas? Thanks.

Fri, 12 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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