Error connecting Report to database via Data Environment 
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 Error connecting Report to database via Data Environment

I'm getting a "Syntax Error in FROM Clause" error, but
I'm starting to think maybe it isn't my SQL string that's
the problem.

I'm trying to report data from an SQL string. I created
a Data Environment with a connection that uses MS Access
as a datasource. I created a control based on some tables,
used it to put fields on the report, then deleted the
DataSource and DataMember properties of the report so
I can set these values at run time.

My Data Environment is 'deClientReport', command is  "Data',
report is 'rptClientReport', source table in the database is
'tblData'. My user invokes the following code with a command
button on a form:

 deClientReport.Commands("Data").CommandText =  _
    "SELECT Comments FROM tblData"

  Set rptClientReport.DataSource =  _

This is giving me the "Syntax Error in FROM Clause" error no
matter what I use for the SQL string. Is the error really my
SQL syntax (even the simple statement, above), or can anybody
see a problem with the way I'm trying to access the table?

Thanks for any feedback -


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