Help..Newbie needs help with collections...and arrays 
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 Help..Newbie needs help with collections...and arrays


My problem is simple but i cant seem to get it right,

I want a collection to hold  2 dim arrays...simple right...

This is what i tried...

Dim col As New Collection
Dim myarray(1 To 10, 1 To 10) As Integer

Private Sub Form_Load()

myarray(1, 1) = 10
col.Add (myarray)                  >    i add an array 2 times
col.Add (myarray)
Debug.Print col.Count          > just to make sure there are two items there

Debug.Print col.Item(1)(1, 1)         > prints  10 like it should
Debug.Print col.Item(2)(1, 1)         > prints 10 like it should also

col.Item(1)(1, 1) = 99                        > here is where i think the
problem is
col.Item(2)(1, 1) = 100                      THIS SHOULD WORK  right?
Debug.Print col.Item(1)(1, 1)         > prints 10 instead of 99
Debug.Print col.Item(2)(1, 1)         > prints ten instead of 100

What did i do wrong....?    can i do this?  if i put them in a user type var
then store
them would that help.... ?   how can i set a value in the array in the

Sorry for the double post i forgot my e-mail address in the first one...

Tue, 25 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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