Newbie Help: Multiple File copy 
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 Newbie Help: Multiple File copy

Check out the code on the site below, Code Library, Win95 Shell section,
titled "Utilizing Windows SHFileOperation API, Advanced" and "How to Copy
or Move an Entire Directory using the API".

Randy Birch, MVP Visual Basic

Moderator, Fidonet Visual Basic Programmer's Conference
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: Hi,
: I am trying to do a simple copy *.* from one drive/directory to another
: Is there a way to access the operating system commands like copy or
: Is there a native VB command that will allow you to copy multiple files?
: I tried using FileCopy, but it seems to be for one file at a time.

: Thanks in advance.
: jbr

Mon, 14 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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