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 International Issues - Locale Code Page Vs. VB Code Page


I know that VB4's internal code page is always in english.  In the
International Considerations portion of the manual it provides examples
on how to ensure that dates are consistent using the # sign (i.e.,
CDate(#08/02/94#) is always August 2, 1994.

Does anyone know the correct syntax to force use of VB's code page when
using variables - eg CDate(myvar).  

I've tried myvar = "#08/02/94#" and a couple of other variations but
have had no luck.

Also, what is the correct syntax when dealing with numbers (CDBL, CLNG,
etc.) and using variables.  The issue is I save screen positions to an
ini file and can't seem to get them back into the right format when the
decimal separate is not a "."



Sun, 24 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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