Using SQL to fill table - missing data 
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 Using SQL to fill table - missing data

I'm not sure if this is group to post but here goes anyway:
I am pulling specific data from a table using SQL, the problem
is that records are skipped when one or more of the fields
in the SQL statement is Null (date fields)

How do I pull records, even if some of the fields are empty?

projects.astrt_dt and projects.acomp_dt are empty
(Actual Start date & Actual Completion date)
   Set ItemRecSet = projdb.OpenRecordset("Select projects.title, " & _
       "status.descrip, projects.astrt_dt, projects.acomp_dt, " & _
       "userlead.l_name, dept.dept, priority.descrip " & _
       "from projects, status, userlead, dept, priority " & _
       "where userlead.def_dept in (select userlead.def_dept " & _
       "from userlead " & _
       "where def_dept = " & Tmp_str & ")" & _
       "and projects.status = status.status " & _
       "and projects.userid = userlead.userid " & _
       "and userlead.def_dept = dept.def_dept " & _
       "and projects.priority = priority.code")

Nicole Ewing
Programmer/Playtex Apparel, Inc

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