Setup program in VB 5 can only run on one PC 
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 Setup program in VB 5 can only run on one PC


I developed a communication program, using MScomm32.ocx, using VB5
enterprise edition.
I can run my program without any problem on my PC. When I use the VB 5 setup
program to create my setup program, and installed it on (2 PC - reformatted
them), I first got a message telling me that some of my files are newer than
the one in the PC.  After I allowed the new program to replace the old ones,
I was ask to reboot the PC.
After  I rebooted the PC, I went on and completed my installation.
But when I started my program , I got the following message :
Run time error 713
cannot locate
CLS ID {00000010-.....}
But when I install my program on another PC with VB5 , there was no proglem.



Sun, 03 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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